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Dora Security Doors
Quality New Zealand manufactured security doors are designed to keep opportunist thieves out and precious things in. A DORA door will give you the freedom to enjoy your house without feeling vulnerable simply because you prefer to have the front door open.

Dora Safety Gates
This quality NZ made children's safety gate is simple in design and specifically manufactured to fit NZ size doors. Designed to protect our young kids from the perils of driveway accidents. They also double to keep precious pooches safe too.

Laptop Safe
Laptops are an extremely appealing item to any thief. Keep your laptop with all your data on it safe and secure with a Secure Zone safe.

SECURE ZONE Security Fittings
The Miles Nelson SECURE ZONE range of home security products offers peace of mind to your family through superior home protection. Our range of security fittings include the following: security window says, front door locks, 5 lever door locks, 3 lever door locks and lock rebate sets.

LUMOS Illuminated Handrail Brackets
LUMOS is the revolutionary new LED illuminated handrail bracket. One fitting, one solution for your stair or walkway lighting and handrail fixing.

SECURE ZONE Safety Stays
The window stay that is “Better by Design”. Family security was paramount in the design process of the new safety stay. Deterring unlawful entry while incorporating functionality and a degree of style. The safety stay can be used as a window opening restrictor with three different locking positions. The safety stay also incorporates a registered design for the unique “glide system” that allows for hands free movement of the safety stay.

700SC Latch Back Door Stop
The new 700SC provides a unique hold back and quick release solution for latching back doors. The registered foot release design and simple operation is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications.

RINNOVA Bathroom Range
The new Rinnova bathroom range features clean architectural forms with functional design and careful detailing. The minimalist design fits well with the latest in modern bathroom designs.

309 Stainless Steel Bannister Bracket
Made from 316 grade Stainless Steel and made to withstand demanding environments the 309 bannister bracket is made to last.


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