Answers to frequently asked questions about ordering products from this site

How does the ordering process work?

1. You must register with and then login to the site.
2. Browse the many product pages and add items you wish to buy and the quality to your cart.
3. Add more items or change the qualtities to suit your order requirements.
4. View your cart contents and once you are happy with your order, proceed to the checkout page.
5. On the checkout page, provide your shipping details and credit card payment information.
6. After a completed checkout and for your own record, a copy of your order is sent to your e-mail address.
7. A copy of your order is sent to Miles Nelson staff who will check your order against current stock levels.
8. You will receive an e-mail alert whenever the status of your order is updated by staff.
9. Once your payment details are process and stock levels confirmed, your order will be sent to you.

Do I need to pay on-line first?

Yes, Miles Nelson does not currenly provide any credit/invoicing ordering system for overseas customers.

Is it okay for me to give you my credit card details on your site?

Yes, the Miles Nelson site uses SSL secure pages to ensure your credit card details are sent to us in encrypted form.

What happens to my credit card details after my order?

After your order is sent out to you for delivery, the credit card details you have provided to us are deleted in our order system.

Does your pricing include local custom's charges, fees or taxes at the final destination?

No. If there are any local custom's charges, fees or taxes—once your goods have reached the final destination—you will be responsible for these.

How do I remove items from my order?

Click on the view cart link at the top of each page and then click on the links in the view cart page to remove items or update quantities. You can either a) enter a zero quantity and click on the Update link or b) simply click on the Delete link beside the item you wish to remove.

How do I contact Miles Nelson about my order?

Click here to go to the contact page, or send an e-mail to

The billing price on my credit card statement is different?

Your credit card is billed at the time of your order, however the exchange rates may alter slightly after your credit card company bills you.Therefore their may be a slight difference in price that appears on your credit card account statement.

I have not received my order after 10 working days?

You should check that your order has been upgrade to a sent status.
If you do not receive your order after around 10 working days please contact us.

I have not received any e-mails about my order?

Please check your e-mail junk inbox as sometimes miles nelson e-mails can be misunderstood by spam software and deleted.
Also please allow at least a few minutes for e-mails to reach your e-mail inbox from the Miles Nelson site.

I added items to my cart but I have not received any order?

To complete any order you must complete the check out page with shipping and credit card payment information.

What happens if you cannot provide the stock qualtity for an item I require?

If stock levels for an item are low we will adjust your order accordingly and notify you by e-mail of the change in your order.

I need to order more stock!

If your order update status is not yet specified as sent then contact us for order changes.
Otherwise if your order has already been sent out to you, please make another order on-line.

Do you give my e-mail address to anyone else for marketing purposes?

No we do not.

I am in New Zealand, can I place an order?

Sorry we can only provide on-line orders for overseas customers.

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