A great finish requires a great applicator

Miles Nelson is pleased to announce that they are the New Zealand distributor for the Rokset range of paint accessories, including paint brushes, rollers, scrapers, knives, coveralls, protection sheets and sanding blocks.

The range covers all sectors, from the DIY user to the serious trade and high end professionals. Brush blends include hog, Nylon and DuPont filaments.

The range of Rokset rollers come in a variety of sizes from 70mm to 270mm, they also are available in different materials, including polyester, microfiber and foam, to use for all painting projects, whether it is a DIY application or high spec professional job.

To go with these rollers, we also offer a wide range of cages, trays and there are also kits available which include a roller, cage and tray.

The Rokset range includes a very unique tray called the Pro roller bucket; this is a heavy duty roller bucket that holds more paint than traditional roller trays, over 4 litres. It has a locking handle mechanism which makes the bucket highly stable and easy to move around without spillage.  Made from chemical resistant polypropylene the bucket is durable and easy to clean. The Pro roller bucket also has 2 easy pour spouts for efficient removal of unused paint.

Rokset accessories provide quality and comfort with durability in mind. No job is too big or small, whether you are a home DIY user or a serious trade professional these products will cover all your painting needs.

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Rokset Paint Applicators & Tools

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